The Clash (Cover photo by Kate Simon)

The Clash 

Released 8th April 1977.
The Clash were amongst the very first bands to be directly influenced by The Sex Pistols and to release music. The music press, now augmented by new young writers like Tony Parsons, Julie Burchill, DAnny Baker, loved them and heaped praise upon their debut with CBS. If you don't like The Clash, you don't like rock n roll!They were part of the infamous Anarchy tour with the Sex Pistols, Damned and The Heartbreakers in December 1976.
They went onto do their own tour and with later albums, expanded their sound so they were never trapped in one sound. This their first album, along with the excellent first few singles Complete Control, White Man in Hammersmith Palais and Capital Radio, were incenderary for the time and reflected what the young people of London felt about the world around them in 1976/77.
Their live shows from that time made long time fans of the band into devotees and sound absolutely fantastic even now. Punk had truly arrived, anger and protest was rife, and in 1977 they set london, burning from boredom, alight!

Album of 77